The Northern California Human Resources Association placed one of Rob’s insightful articles on their blog site.  Click here to read Winning The Talent War Demands Creative Hiring Strategies.




“Expert Interview” with John Mattone

I was recently interviewed by John Mattone as part of their “Expert Interview” program. Click here to read this interview on Developing a Leadership Infrastructure, and let me know what you think! As always, we’re working to get the information out to make your midsized businesses mightier!

Workforce Magazine

Workforce Magazine’s, Todd Henneman, interviewed Robert as part of the research for his latest article Analyzing the Analysts, written for Human Resources professionals who need to assess which consultants will bring the necessary value to their organizations. How Robert has distinguished himself from the throng of consultants out there, is how this article begins. We couldn’t be more pleased.


Kent State University’s College of Business Administration

Kent State University’s College of Business Administration has listed Robert’s CEO Think Blog in their latest blog post 60 Resources for Getting Your EMBA and the Career You Want under the Leadership tab. This blog post is created as a resource for current, potential and past students to help them become better business professionals.  They especially like our site as a resource in that we touch on a wide range of topics from communications to finance.  “We truly believe that your work is an essential asset that each of our students – past, present and future – should access.”  We’re delighted that they believe this!

Directors and Boards

Directors & Boards has excerpted part of Rob’s new book regarding Tolerating Dysfunctional Leaders in their Thought Leadership section of their Q4 2014 publication. “From a roundup of new books, insights on mentorship, executive team under-performance, enduring traits, director interlocks, doing an IPO . . . and the value of your non-customers” they included Rob’s newest book.

33voices Interview, Slide Deck, Previews

33voices is a global conversation about things that matter in business and in life. They create impact by keeping important ideas moving. They bring together the most influential thinking and thinkers on the planet to help entrepreneurs and business creators build great businesses and live great lives.

Having coached entrepreneurs for over 25 years, they have discovered that often times, the tipping point between merely surviving and building a thriving business, is perhaps a new relationship; a new perspective on an existing challenge, or simply just a bit of inspiration. In short, they are convinced that access to an inspired community is what leads to exponential growth.

On October 25, 2014, 33voices is featuring a interview they had with Robert Sher.  Won’t you listen and watch and share these with your cadre of business associates and friends?

Preview Clip      Slide Deck       Listen to the Interview

American Express Open Forum

American Express has an Open Forum online column, which speaks to leadership for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Each month a new business book is chosen, and its author is interviewed.  This month Robert was privileged to be highlighted in an article entitled Midsize Me: How to Grow Your Small Business to the Next Level.  Enjoy this read and don’t forget to comment online or tweet about it. Keep the conversations going and keep your businesses growing!

C-Suite Book Club Showcase

Robert’s newest book is now showcased on the C-Suite Book Club’s website, as well as his author profile.  This newly launched C-Suite book club brings together the best collection of new and classic business books online. It is designed to help business leaders find the best-selling and most relevant books to read. Check it out, here.

About Robert Sher

Robert Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the leadership infrastructure of midsized companies seeking to accelerate their performance. He was chief executive of Bentley Publishing Group from 1984 to 2006 and steered the firm to become a leading player in its industry (decorative art publishing).

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