Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers

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Ch 1: Letting Time Slip-Slide Away 

Ch 2: Strategy Tinkering at the Top

Ch 3: Reckless Attempts at Growth

Ch 4: Fumbled Strategic Acquisitions

Ch 5: Operational Meltdown

Ch 6: The Liquidity Crash

Ch 7: Tolerating Dysfunctional Leaders

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Most midsized company leaders want their businesses to become mighty growth machines. Unfortunately, sometimes that growth slows, stops, or goes the other way, and their leaders don’t know why. Is it the market? Is it the product? Is it the leadership team? Is it something he or she has done wrong – an ill-conceived deal; an unrealistic strategy?

Because business consultants focus on big companies that can afford big consulting fees, and because the problems of the Fortune 500 are very different than those of midsized businesses, there have been very few books that provide relevant growth advice for midsized company leaders, or can point out where the growth-killing potholes hide.

But not anymore.

Robert Sher focuses exclusively on midsized companies. He has long been an advisor to CEOs and their teams at many midsized businesses. His new book Mighty Midsized Companies: How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers gives readers the inside story on many highly-successful midsized companies and describes the critical factors that have powered their success. Sher has spoken to (and advised) many of the leaders of these companies, and he understands what drives midsize company growth as well as the issues can creep up to kill it.

Sher’s book is devoted to the executives who run America’s 200,000 midsized companies as well as those 370,000 businesses with 20 or more employees who are on the verge of becoming midsized. It explains how CEOs and their management teams have overcome the growth killers and instituted mechanisms for avoiding them in the future.

For leaders of midsized companies, and for people who would like to turn their smaller businesses into bigger ones, Mighty Midsized Companies is a unique and essential read.

Released September 16, 2014.

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Look Who Has Endorsed This Book!

“Robert Sher has written a very important book in these times of economic uncertainty, and every executive team member of a midsized company should read it.”

Warren Bennis, author and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration at the University of Southern California (1925-2014)


ken_blanchard“Through interviews with CEOs as well as real life case studies, author Robert Sher shows readers how to keep a midsized company healthy and avoid the seven dangerous mistakes that kill growth.”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager(r) and Legendary Service

doug_conant_cropped“Robert Sher offers powerful insights into how to address the critical issues that can derail growth in midsize companies.”

Douglas Conant, former CEO, Campbell Soup Company and the New York Times bestselling author of TouchPoints


stephen_covey_cropped“Mighty Midsized Companies superbly identifies the seven silent killers which routinely throw a wrench into a company’s development and provides excellent solutions for fostering success. A terrific read.”

Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller The Speed of Trust, and coauthor of Smart Trust



“What a valuable book! Sher understands the unique opportunities—and temptations—that middle market companies meet on their road to growth.”

—Thomas A. Stewart, executive director, National Center for the Middle Market


george_gendron_crop_25_better“Robert Sher’s insightful and useful book could only have been created by someone who’s been immersed in this world as practitioner and thought leader. Let’s hope that this book is the first of many to shine the spotlight of public attention on this high-performing sector and its leaders.”

—George Gendron, long-time editor-in-chief of Inc. Magazine and founder of The Build Network for mid-sized companies, a co-venture of Inc. Magazine and Fast Company

About Robert Sher

Robert Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the leadership infrastructure of midsized companies seeking to accelerate their performance. He was chief executive of Bentley Publishing Group from 1984 to 2006 and steered the firm to become a leading player in its industry (decorative art publishing).

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